Here are some FAQ’s we receive from our customers.


FAQs for Paintless Dent Repair

No. Dents are repaired with a process of making precise pushes to the back of the metal, which rebuilds the strength of the panel restoring it to it’s original condition.

Yes. We can repair just about any type of vehicle with many types of metal. Our certified technicians are trained to repair anything from standard metal, High Strength Steal and Aluminum as well. Aluminum and High strength steal are much more difficult and Time consuming but with patience and proper training we excel at both.

Absolutely not! In fact with today’s vehicles using Dry Ice would result in distorting the panel or damaging the paint. Which would end up making the panel unfixable by Paintless Dent Repair.

You could try but We would highly suggest letting the professionals repair it for you. There are many “Do It Yourself” kits available today, but the quality of the tools and lack of training could result in more damage. Possibly making the original damage impossible to be repaired without bondo and paint.

Dents can sometimes be pushed or pulled out partially, But they never just “POP” out completely. In fact by doing this incorrectly using hot water, plunger, or any other method not recommended can actually make the dent unrepairable and cost you more than having it professionally done right the first time.

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FAQs for Automotive Hail Damage

You are allowed to have your car repaired by the shop of your choice. Most of the time when an Insurance company recommends a shop it’s because they are one of their preferred shops, and have special prices negotiated with them. Not always having the best interest of the Customers in mind, just the financial interest of saving money for the Insurance company themselves. 

No your rates will not increase if you make a claim for hail damage. Hail damage and storm damage are considered “Acts of Nature”. You are still Liable for your deductible, but unlike a collision this claim does not count directly towards your policy. However your rates may increase even if you don’t get hailed on at all. If there is a storm in your area and there is enough damage in your ZIP code that causes a large enough financial loss for the Insurance company, they will use an equation and raise the rates of everyone insured in that area. 

The Insurance company often writes most of its estimates in the field which makes it almost impossible to see all damage on the vehicle.  In most cases cars will need a supplement, which covers the extra cost of the repair at no extra cost to you. In some cases the initial estimate is four or five times lower than the actual cost of the repairs. We handle this part of the process for you. We also offer the option to go over the initial estimate with the insurance adjuster for you if you need our assistance. Making the entire process as pain free as possible with the absolute best outcome.

Once the estimate and supplement if necessary are completed. Most Vehicles can be finished in 1 to 3 days on average, Depending on the severity of the damage. 

We would recommend you wash your vehicle on your way to the estimate, So that the damage can be accessed accurately. You will make job of the Adjusters job easier and often save you time.

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