Body line dent repair Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis Indiana

Camaro Quarter Before 123

Body line dent repair Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis Indiana

Body line dent repair Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis Indiana

Body line dents can be very difficult to remove, especially when they are as sharp as the one we repaired on this 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS.
     We received a call from a gentleman very worried about the severity of an issue with his passenger side quarter panel. The damage in this case was caused by wood falling on the car while it was parked in his garage. Having never tried PDR before he was quite skeptical the dents could even be repaired.
     After going over the damage with the customer and discussing a repair plan, he felt comfortable trusting us with the repair and left his car in our care.
     We started the process by removing the passenger tail light, as well as the inner quarter panel liner in the trunk to gain access to the back side of the panel.
   We then cleaned off the quarter and started to apply heat.  We used a digital heat gun held in place with our Get-a-grip strong arm to warm the panel precisely where needed. Constant heat is very important on sharp dents like these to make the metal more malleable so as not to crack the paint during the repair. It is equally important to regulate the temperature to not burn the paint. For the best result, we like to keep our panel between 160 and 180 degrees.
  Chevy Camaro before dent repair
 Chevy Camaro After Dent Removal
    Drawing from our large selection of specialty tools we began the repair with our Ultra dent tools double bend and a soft tip. Making precise slow pushes we massaged the body line back up to start relieving some of the pressure. Once we had the dent moving in the right direction we switched over to our knockdowns and blending hammers. With our VIP knockdown we moved the crown on the top of the dent back into the body line. Moving the crown helps us release pressure from the center of the dent and allows us to finish pushing the body line back up while maintaining the factory paint.
     With the pressure released from the crown we switched back to pushing. To rebuild the body line we then used one of our MT rods from PDR Finesse with a very sharp tip. It is very important while using sharper tools to be very precise and use controlled pressure as one wrong push at this stage can ruin the entire repair.
  The final clean up of the dent is what defines a true professionals in Paintless Dent Repair. We moved our PDR LED lights back and fine tuned the panel using our Druz Tools blending hammer. This step used 2 different tips; the first being a VIP leather tip used for moving larger sections of metal, and the second was a PeeWee tip from Dead on Dent Tools for very precise metal movement.
    When the panel was damaged by wood falling on it it sustained some small scratches in the clear coat. We were able to fix these by using some tolecut from Anson PDR to lightly remove a very small layer of clear. We then buffed the entire area using a 3M polishing compound to get it looking as good as new.
   Finally, we re-installed the tail light and the inner trim panels of the trunk, making sure every last bolt and clip were back in place. We gave the car a quick wipe down with some spray and shine, and called this one a big win for Midwest.
   The final result was dents that are completely repaired and no evidence that the vehicle was ever damaged or repaired. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the outcome of this repair. The customer was so happy he even left us a 5 star Google review!

   At Midwest Auto Dent Repair we truly pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of craftsmanship as well as superior customer service on every repair.  We are Indy’s body shop alternative and we’re here to help you with all your dent repair needs.  If you have any questions please reach out. We look forward to helping you.

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