Audi Q5 fender body line dent Indianapolis Indiana

Dent Removal on Audi Q5 fender, restored using the paintless dent repair method in Indianapolis Indiana.

     We were contacted by one of our favorite home restoration companies, Trents carpet cleaning and restoration, about an accident on the job site. A customer parked their Audi too close to the work van and wind sent the door flying open, causing this dent. Being the true professionals they are, Trents Restoration wanted to make sure it was repaired properly. They called us out to help them make their accident disappear.
     The dent was a pretty standard \”parking lot ding.\” I was three inches long crossing a body line and displaced a bit of metal causing a crown at the top of the dent.
     We started the repair by removing the fender liner so we could gain access to the back of the dent. Luckily the customer kept his vehicle parked in a heated garage so we did not have to heat the panel to get it up to working temperature and were able to get straight to pushing.
     Lifting the center of the body line with a double bend rod from Ultra dent tools with a soft tip we slowly started moving the center of the dent. Once we got the dent raised just a bit we held pressure with the rod and started knocking the crown down with our Druz Tools blending hammer with a leather VIP tip.  Holding pressure like this helps us move the displaced metal back to its original position in the body line.
     Switching our focus back over to the center of the dent, we transitioned into our Reaper Rod from  Dent Reaper.  This rod allows us to get great leverage pushing off the tire to take full advantage of the extremely sharp tip.  We moved our light to the opposite side of the dent and repeated with slow, precise pushes until the body line was completely re-established.
     Next we moved our PDR LED light back a couple feet to get a better view of the entire fender.  We knocked down all the high spots using our VIP knockdown with a PeeWee tip from Dead on Dents. We moved the light back even further and repeated the process with our Druz blending hammer until we got the panel as perfectly straight as possible.
     Unfortunately the door striking the fender had created several light scratches in the clear coat, but we were able to get them out using some tolecut from Anson PDR.  We lightly took off a thin layer of the clear coat, then buffed the panel with a 3M compound and finished it with our 3D polish. This careful, multi-step finishing process brings it back to a perfect, factory fresh shine.
     Both the customer and our friends at Trents Restoration were very satisfied with the repair. We have to say, the end result amazing.
     At Midwest Auto Dent Repair we truly pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of craftsmanship as well as superior customer service on every repair. We are Indy\’s body shop alternative and we are here to help you with all your dent repair needs. If you have any questions please reach out. We look forward to helping you.



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